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Faith in Femininity

A teen-led nonprofit dedicated to giving impoverished women power over their periods.

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About Us

By donating feminine products to local shelters, Faith in Femininity helps women in Flint, MI and surrounding areas maintain confidence, comfort and cleanliness. Faith in Femininity was formed through Fenton First Presbyterian Church by four high school students, Waverly Ritchie, Lindsey Gibb, Maris Ferguson, and Madeline Gibb.

Lindsey Gibb and Waverly Ritchie, Faith in Femininity Founders
Madeline Gibb, Faith in Femininity Vice-President
Maris Ferguson, Faith in Femininity Treasurer

Lindsey Gibb and Waverly Ritchie
Madeline Gibb
Maris Ferguson

How We Distribute

Each of our packages contains one month's supply of feminine products, including 14 pads, 14 tampons, and 7 panty liners. After putting together our bags at volunteer-led packaging parties, we donate them to local shelters.

Each bag costs us only $3.

Get Involved

Start Your Own Branch

If you're creative, imaginative, and have a passion for helping others, contact us today about starting your own branch of Faith in Femininity in your area! If there's already a branch near you, shoot us an email about how you can get involved there. Volunteers are always needed!

Host a Fundraiser or Packaging Party

Know a local business or church who might be interested? Ask them to host a fundraiser or start collecting products for Faith in Femininity! Have an awesome group of friends? Get them together, ask them each to bring some products, and have your very own packaging party! Email us today to find out what materials you'll need.

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Faith in Femininity
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